My Fav: Bow Tie Blouse

Hi everyone. I would like to share with you today my Eid outfit. Let me tell you something about me, I never ever plan what to wear. Usually, it all depends on my mood and my energy level LOL. Yes, you heard me right, my energy level, being a mom of 2 little boys is so tiring, and some outfits requires lots of energy to look good on you.

So on Eid’s day, I was tired sleepy and so exhausted. That’s why I decided to wear this so comfy elegant outfit.

I got these Gucci sandals from the outlet last week, and so glad I did because they are so comfy and pretty.

I should stop using the curling iron this often because I’m starting to see some heat damages in my hair 🙁 two days ago I used my foam curls and I really loved the result.

One last picture 

And that’s our failed attempt to have a cute picture with my naughty ones 

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