Feeling French

For the story to make sense, I want to post my outfit prior to telling it. 

We all woke up on a beautiful Sunday morning in the Bay Area. Got dressed up, got the kids ready and off we went. The plan was to spend a day at Santana Row in San Jose but the kids fell asleep in the car. So we decided to take the food to go and ended up eating it in the car. What can I say? Life with children :). 

So the lunch plan in beautiful Santana Row was ruined. Instead, we ended up going to the Children’s Musem of Discovery where we spent over two hours looking at Mamouths and Fossils and all the other things that you can see at a Musem. So why do I bring up the Musem? Well, the answer is in the outfit. It was definitely not a Musem kind of outfit. Again, life with children. And everyone was staring at my non so Museum(y) outfit but of course I didn’t care, the smiles on my kids’ faces make me do crazy stuff.

The good news is my shoes were super comfy. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I listened to my followers and kept the shoes you voted for. 

That was my Sunday, make sure to follow me on my instagram to see my Insta stories for this weekend 😉

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