Lake Tahoe Getaway

My son told me the other day: ” Mom I’ve never seen snow, ”  in a very sad voice, and I realized yeah he is right! I remember the last winter when we went to Lake Tahoe, I told my husband: “This is the last time we will go to Lake Tahoe when it’s snowing.” It was freezing and I got so sick.

But my son’s sad voice stayed in my head and I said okay Rasha, let’s go show this little guy some snow lol. And I’m so glad we did because the kids had so much fun.

My older son Ali didn’t want to take pictures, he wanted to go sledding so I only snapped one good picture with him the first day.

I was so surprised how my little one was so excited, the first few seconds when his feet touched the snow he was surprised ( watch the video here ) then he started running and ouwing and wowing :D.


I’m taking advantage of this sweet boy, I keep on taking pictures for him, soon he will start running away from me whenever he sees me holding the camera. 

The snow was so fluffy and fresh, any light wind made the snow fell off the trees.

The lake is gorgeous during winter and summer time. Always crystal clear blue water. And yes this is our good family picture LOL.

Mama loves to pose 😉



Now, back to reality, my little one is sick, he is having pink eye and fever 🙁 the doctor prescribed an eye drops for 7 days. I think he got it because it was really cold in Lake Tahoe, but the doctor said pink eye doesn’t have anything with the cold weather!!! Let’s hope he wakes up tomorrow feeling better. 

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