Ramadan Decoration

Ramadan is a  holy month in Islam. It is celebrated by over 1.5 billion people every year all over the world. People that celebrate Ramadan fast for 30 days from sunrise to sunset. No food, no water, nothing. The true idea behind it is to feel with others, be selfless, compassionate, and to slow down our busy life. It has much more meanings that I would like to teach my kids but it is difficult for them to understand it at their young age.  The easiest way was to start the Ramadan Tree tradition. I started it last year for the first time and I plan to make it an annual tradition.

Here in the States, we do not have a true Ramadan feel that other Muslim countries share. Ramadan lasts for 30 days and it is followed by 3 days of celebrations and fun known as Eid.  To celebrate Eid we will share toys and in our family, these toys will be placed under Ramadan tree. It is to make it feel like Christmas which we also celebrate at my home.

This year my Ramadan Tree color palette is black, gold and white.

Almost everything here is DIY… The Ramadan ornaments are nothing but LED moon and stars string lights. I got them from Amazon last year but they did not work so I spray painted them black and white, and some of them I added some gold sequins to have the glam feel ( If you know me by now I love glamming up everything).

I made these paper ornaments last year, I just used some cookie cutters to trace some stars and moons shape on some sequin and glitter craft papers and made a hole in the middle put some beautiful ribbon and that is it.

I got this ” Days Until” from hobby lobby and glued a handmade sequin moon on it. So my son will write the countdown for EID.

Ramadan black and gold sign is nothing but wooden letters from Hobby Lobby. I glued some glitter and velvet craft papers to them. Or for quicker and easier way, you can just spray paint them any color you want.

I got these LED star and moon from TJMAXX online.

I spray paint my blue metal lanterns gold to match my color palette.

Few more pictures from my Iftar last friday

How about you, do you have any Ramadan tradition that you like to share with us?


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