DIY: Baby Food Jar Recycle

This is a throwback to 2014. I painted and took pictures of these jars 4 years ago but I never had the chance to write the post.

After breastfeeding my first child for 9 months and a half (yes the half is more important than the 9 months lol), I was determined to only feed him homemade food. First few months I started cooking for him and he loved my food. All was good until my sister and her family came to visit. I got distracted by them and I didn’t have enough time to cook. Instead, I took the easy route of the ready baby food jars.  When they left back home, I resumed the cooking and I  used these jars when I’m out of the house ( or when I didn’t feel like cooking 😉 )

Their adorable and cute shape made me save them for future DIYs . Removing the Gerber label was an easy task, just soak the jars in hot water overnight or throw them in the dishwasher. Then I spray paint the lids and add a label sticker and voila… All done

I got these cute stickers from Party City and they have the exact same shade of blue of the lids. 

I’m looking at these pictures now and I couldn’t but notice that  I should’ve put the Cinnamon spice behind these Cinnamon sticks not the Oregano jar lol.

Yes I have to write in 2 languages just because I’m that fancy 😀 ( Not because it is easier to me 😉 )

I miss my old kitchen, I miss everything about that house. Do you believe that I never had the guts to pass by my old house ( yes I’m that emotional !)

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2 thoughts on “DIY: Baby Food Jar Recycle

  1. These jar makeovers are really cute. I love the color you painted the lids. And your cupboard looks so organized it makes me jealous! 😉

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