My Famous Silver Leaf Dresser

This silver dresser was and still my all time favorite DIY project.

Back in 2012, this silver leaf dresser had so many features and pins from the number one bloggers. With over  130.000 post views I was called Rasha the silver leaf queen LOL.

So why am I rewriting this post today? I’m writing this post after 6 years because I always get questions like:  Does the silver leaf change its color after a while? does it get scratched easily since I didn’t prime it?How did the dresser hold up?

The best way to answer the above questions and many others, I will post the following pictures of the same piece six years after. It is still as beautiful as it was on day 1, it is not scratched, it didn’t change colors. Enjoy the photos.

If you have noticed, the color of the pulls is now gold. I didn’t paint them I just applied gold leaf papers.  And the perfect way to mix and match different colored pieces ( gold and silver ) is to have one big piece combining these 2 colors. 

Click here to show you how I applied the silver leaf to this gorgeous dresser.

Did I even mentioned that I caught my husband many times closing these drawers with his feet?!! Yup, you heard me right, with his feet LOL. So the antique vintage finish gets better and better with time.

Who doesn’t like a big hydrangea vase? well, not me  🙂 

Thank you for visiting, I hope you like my favorite piece of furniture in our home.

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5 thoughts on “My Famous Silver Leaf Dresser

  1. Love the big silver dresser and love that black and white hydrangea vase. I am collecting black and white Mackenzie Child’s larger items now so it caught my eye.
    I painted a chest of drawers silver once and still love it ,I may repaint my pulls gols after seeing yours ,
    Glad I found your blog


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