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As a busy mom of two “crazy” boys, I like many others do not have enough time to run from store to store to browse, find, and buy what I need. The mission this time is my fall/winter wardrobe. It is getting colder here in San Francisco and I need to warm myself up 🙂 Because Walmart never disappoints me, “I wokred smarter and not harder.” I simply logged on to Walmart’s website and with the great selection of items, I was able to finish the task in less than 30 minutes.

Luckliy I knew what I wanted, so using the easy filters on the site I was able to jump right to the category that I wanted and from there drilled down to the item that I want. Without further adieu, here is my pick list:

1- 3 piece lounging set , so soft, ture to size. Wearing size Small , you can find it here .

2- This Sweatshirt, sweatpants and jacket sold seperatly and this vibrant oufit was the most liked on my IG account.

You can find the sweatshirt here and pants here , the oversized jacket linked here.

3- This gorgeous green sweater dress perfect for a date night with the husband , linked here .

4- This sweater dress is so cute and it will be perfect for a comfy outfit for a kids birthday , linking it here .

5- The prettiest utility denim jumpsuit, the quality is way beyond what I imagine and they have the mini me version of this jumspuit ( super cute ),I’m really so impressed by Walmart fashion lately, linking it here

6- Last oufit , gave me all the deigner vibe, yes yes with that hot pink color ( very trendy this season) , I sized up with this dress, linking it here. And I have no idea where to wear just but I HAD to have it 🙂

How about you, which outfit is your favorite? and where would you wear it?

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