Vintage Boy’s Birthday

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This is a throwback to my son’s first birthday a few months ago. The theme was world little traveler and it was a big hit.

I’m not a big fan of cartoon-themed birthday, and when the boys are young I can be the one who picks the theme ( My son’s 5th birthday was Hotwheels cars 🙁 ya ya Hotwheels can you believe it? ) so when they are still young I can choose the theme or at least give them few options between the themes that I LIKE lol.

The desserts were semi-homemade/ handmade. I didn’t want to repeat the same mistake that I made with my older son’s first birthday. I did EVERYTHING from scratch even the lollipops. 

This handmade banner was so easy, I got the alphabet letters from $ store and I spray painted them gold. 

I hand drew the vintage style airplane and the hot air balloon again so easy, got this map from Joan’s fabric store. My favorite are those handmade fluffy clouds.

My homemade cake.

The world youngest traveler 🙂

Our GOOD family picture 🙂

Again like I said I wanted to have semi-ready desserts to save time, so I got these giant marshmallows from Lucky’s and dipped them in Wilton red chocolate melts and glued ( with melted chocolate) the gold number 1 fondant. Simple and so easy dessert and the kids will love them.

Who doesn’t like Krispy Kreme donuts!!! so Yummy…

Vintage airplane from Amazon. I scored all these wooden boxes from Michaels on clearance after Halloween.


I made these same lollipops for  Ali’s birthday 5 years ago, so I had to make them again one for my cutie pie ( As Ali calls his little brother).  I made these using Wilton chocolate melts and lollipop mold.

I used brown sandwiches bags for the goodie bags, I stamped them with a Thank you stamp and a red twine ribbon, and voila a very vintagey look goodie bag.

Chocolate covered pretzels.

Yes, I love gold and I can not lie lol cupcakes are ready made and I just added the homemade gold plane toppers.

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