Post Galentine Brunch

Yesterday I invited my close friends for a late Galentine brunch. After we celebrated last week Valentine’s day with our amazing husband now it is time to celebrate with my amazing friends.

I didn’t have time to take blog style pictures, you know the hostess is always busy, but I took these few pictures that I would like to share with you.

I always try to use what I already have in my house as centerpieces. These gold vase and branches are usually on my living room mantel. So I added some cotton candy bags as small favors for my guests, some heart ornaments, crystal necklaces and LED lights ….and Voila. These pictures don’t do justice how gorgeous this centerpiece was.  

Can you imagine the possibilities? Like if it is a boy celebration, you can use blue cotton candy, or if it is an Easter celebration you can add eggs ornaments instead of these hearts if it is baby shower you can make a toy pacifier garland instead of these crystals… etc etc etc. I always get inspired by the pictures posted by others online but I never copy paste what I see.

I got these LOVE signs and heart-shaped sign from the dollar store. The table runner again is a wrapping paper since my table runner still didn’t arrive from Amazon!!!

I used these dollar store glass vases for cucumbers and tomatoes and some fresh mint herbs.

I found this Pink and Red dress by coincidence and it matches my theme so perfectly.

My beautiful friends

Click here for more pictures of this pretty table set up.

Food menu: Green Salad, Foul ( Lebanese beans), Manaeesh ( Lebanese food like pizza but with thyme), Omelette, Croissant and lots more


I loved my idea of using wrapping paper instead of fabric table runner and I’m sure I’ll be doing this a lot in the future.

I got this beautiful mirror try from Homegoods last week.


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