– First Upholstery Project and First Blogging Post

Well, I didn’t know that this project would be the start of a long journey. I did not take any pictures of them before as I had no intentions of starting this blog.

I want to start by thanking Kate at Centsational girl blog because she is my inspiration when it comes to refinishing furniture.

I started looking into this when we started looking for two additional seatings for the dining table. We had 6 chairs but our dining table can fit 8 easily. My husband suggested Craiglist. It was my first time looking at used furniture on the net. After a short search, I found 2 chairs in similar shape to our chairs. They were brown with dark navy fabrics. My husband started laughing when I told him that I wanted to buy them.

After sanding (my husband’s job as I hate sanding,) I spray painted with “Rustoleum Heirloom White” to match my existing dining chairs. Some more sanding I matched the antique effect of my other chairs.  Finally, upholstery (step-by-step guide will follow in later posts.)
The initial choice of fabric:



Then I changed my mind because I felt that I need something that is more elegant and formal



Here is a picture of my upholstered DIY chair next to the original chairs that came with the dining set.




Actually, I love my DIY chair better than the original ones. It is comfy, elegant, and cheaper.
Some of the details


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  1. Wow – your projects are really great. You manage to bring them all up to date fabulously !! Well done, the silver dresser is one I've been planning too. Yours has made up my mind now…. thanks. I'll be back.

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