Black and White Stylish Bench

If I had to refinish and repurpose all the items that I own, I would have done time and time again. Unfortunately, with my busy life, this fun hobby is almost impossible. In the past couple of years, I managed to find some way to do some of the items that I love. The bench shown below is one of those items. 

I reupholstered this bench 3 years ago before the invasion of the black and white trend. It was before purple and silver color, check out the picture below:

This purple bench was in my master bedroom (click here to see it) back when these three colors were a major trend, not anymore that’s why it is nice to know how to DIY so you can change the colors of your furniture every few years( yes I change my decor color palette like I change my outfits LOL) 

My first plan was to gold leaf the wood frame, and upholster the bench black and white, but since the black wood frame was like brand new, I decided to keep it black and added the gold color by using a gold trim around the fabric.


These easy paper flowers were made by me, click here to view the video.

As soon as I finish decorating my guest’s bedroom, I’ll show you the reveal, but I know it will take some time since I’m joggling few projects at a time.

My Favorite part of this bench is this cute surprise: The polka dot back, don’t you just love it.

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