– Nasty Bench Turns Rustic ….

This bench was given to me for free by a lady from whom I bought a French Armoire. I will post the French Armoire project at a later time.


It was nasty, dusty and overall very unappealing bench ( I guess this is why it was free … hey, no complaint.)

So here are the steps :

(1) After a light sanding job, I spray painted random areas of the bench with ” Rustoleum Heirloom White.” (2) After drying out, I resanded almost all of the white paint with a fine grid sanding wedge. (3) I buffed it with a wet cloth, (4)then I used my foam brush and stained the bench with “Minwax Stain Jacobean 2750.” 24 hours later, I started on the upholstery.


The upholstering process:

I bought 3″ thick green foam from Joann’s fabrics, because as you may see the bench was very rigid and stiff. Now it all ready after a new big foamy layer , batting, and the fabric all joined by a stapling gun.

For the piping I used the remains of the fabric, a piping cord, and my zipper foot on the sewing machine. The fabric had a fringe/frayed edge so I didn’t have to cut it. I kept it as I felt it went well with the distressed rustic style.

Voila 🙂

This pillow is a no sew , I just used a steam adhesuze tape, check out the tutorial here.

The back was a bit cracked so I glued this hardware to cover it and it adds the old and rustic feel to it
one last picture
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0 thoughts on “– Nasty Bench Turns Rustic ….

  1. What did you use underneath the foam for support? I like how you left the rough fringed edge it looks good! I am starting on my first reapolster job on an old chair, hope it turns out well like yours 🙂

  2. Thx Karena I already did and will do every Friday 🙂

    @rvelazquez : Well if you look to the first picture the bench had a wooden seat with two very thin foams ( in the 2nd picture I removed that seat to clean it), so I removed those foams and added the new ones then batting.I hope I answered your question
    And you will be amazed how easy is to upholster , the ugly part is when you want to remove all the old staples 🙂
    And The fringed edge was by coincidence, I just cut all the way of the edge of the fabric to sew the pipping and the fabric happened to have this fringe my intentions first was to cut it 🙂

  3. @ Tracey : oh thx alot, I had to cover that crack and the best way was this hardware , keep on visiting I have alot of things to post

    @ Laura: thx those are my favorite

    @ Tauja : Im checking out your blog now

  4. The bench is super cute!! I'll never look at one of those the same way again! But I must be honest-what caught my eye in your thumbnail picture over at MMS was that awesome yellow birdcage! I know better than to ask for bench-but surely I can ask for the birdcage! :).

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