How To Organize Your Pantry.

Finally, my pantry is done and I can not wait to share it with you.

If I want to say what my style is I think we can say glam with a touch of mix and match (if we can call this a style hahahahha )

Let me show you the pictures first and I’ll talk along each picture :

So let’s talk about this pantry in details, first I wanted a glamourous pantry to match my home decor, so what says glam more than this gold chandelier, and it has the perfect amount of crystals not too much not too little 😉

Whenever I look at my pantry I feel like I’m in a luxurious French bakery. With the black and white wallpaper and the aqua and pink pop of colors.

I always had doubt that these perfectly organized pantries don’t exist in real life, but once I hide all the ugly bags in these deep labeled bins ( Like dried fruit bags) and emptied my dried groceries in these jars, I got a pretty and practical pantry.

I prefer to get glass containers over plastic ones. And as you can see I spray painted all the lids with my two pop of color: aqua and pink. And for my sons’ safety, I placed all these glass jars on the top shelves so they can’t reach any of them. 


It took me a while to decide on wallpapers, I was torn between a very bright wallpaper and a much subtle gold one. But I’m so happy with my option, especially that black and white Mackenzie Childs polka dot one, it is so unique and pretty.


Let’s talk about this pretty tags. When I organize my stuff I always try to think outside the box, I didn’t want those regular labels you see everywhere. I wanted my pantry to look like a fun pretty and happy place ( yes you heard me HAPPY) when I found these tags I felt like I’m decorating for a birthday and then I knew I have to have them. 


Finally, I can display my pretty and cute aqua mixer and pink food processor and this way they’re really accessible.

Since I have a little one at home, and he is always in the pantry, I wanted some deep basket so he can’t reach the oils, syrups and all the other stuff. And the mission was accomplished once I found these plastic bins at Target. 

I didn’t sacrifice practicality over style. Yes, it is a pretty pantry but it is so practical for our family. Remember every family has its different requests and needs. Like these clear bins are perfect for my 5-year-old snacks but again they are on the top shelf so he can’t take one unless he asks me for it.

Like I said before it is a very practical pantry, those 2 bins are for refills, so whatever is left in the bag that didn’t fit in the jar it is tucked away inside these bins.


My two sons don’t care about hard candy at all so I can display these on mid shelves. And of course, I spray painted the lids here too.

I got this mirror at an Antique store in Lake Tahoe, and it adds the perfect glam french touch to my pantry. And I use it to write my list of needed groceries.

Again think outside the box, like these wire desk drawers for canned vegetables and cake stands for juice and sodas display.

Okay let me tell you a secret, I got these Oreos only because they look so pretty in these jars, once I eat them I will never ever get more. ( My kids are not allowed to try Oreos and my husband doesn’t like them so guess who will be eating those by her self lol)


So what did you like the most about my pantry, do you have any new ideas you’d like to share with us?

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