DIY Charger Plate

Today I will share with you a very simple and easy DIY.

Since you all know me by now, I love to change my table set up very often.  And since my plates are  Mackenzie Childs  butterfly collection so course I won’t be changing those, that’s why I said Okay I need to DIY something, and the charger plates will be the best option to do it my self 😉

Check out the final picture before I start with the details:

Usually, I don’t like black color, but if you use it wisely, it can add lots of dramatic feel into the decor.

I got these charger plates from Hobby Lobby, they were shiny, plain and boring.

They look so cheap, well they are so cheap LOL : $2 each. 

I spray paint them matt black with Rustoleum matt black spray paint, and added a gold trim with the gold leaf pen found at Hobby Lobby too. I told you it’s a very easy and simple DIY. But can you imagine the possiblities? Now every occasion I can custom my own charger plates and make my table setting so UNIQUE.

Like I custom made these  glass cups. That’s why I love DIYing, I always like having unique pieces that nobody has it in their home and it is impossible to get that if you want to buy the things you find in stores. I like to create, never imitate 😉

I always like to mix and match, like in this table set up, you can find stuff from Neiman Marcus ( Like the plates and the Silverware) and stuff from the Dollar Store ( the candles holders and the clear flower vases). And the end result will look so expensive.

I know you are all worried about cleaning up these plates, first we don’t eat in these plates so they will barely get dirty, and when they do we can clean them with damp washcloth with little bit of soap and then dry them with a dry one.

With a simple DIY, you can change the whole look of your table set up. Thanks for stopping by, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.

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