I Miss You Guys :)

Hiiiiii. After a long much-needed vacation, I am back to Cali. I went back to my home country of Lebanon to visit my family. The fatigue of the 23-hour flight was forgotten the minute I saw my parents, sisters, nephews, and nieces.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go:

This is the view from my parents home…I just love it

With my 2 nieces, the name of the younger one is Rasha they named her after me 🙂
With the nephews and nieces
My sisters/best friends: in case you are confused, I’m the one who’s wearing orange 🙂
The Hubby and I
our version of “Hawaii”
my sisters



I gave my nieces 3 hours photo session 🙂


And that is it, I don’t want to bore you with my family pictures but I couldn’t help it 🙂

0 thoughts on “I Miss You Guys :)

  1. I wondered what happened to you! You've been missed ~ 🙂 So happy you had a wonderful time! Your sisters are gorgeous, like you, and the little ones adorable.

    Glad you're back!

  2. Beautiful family and pics, thanks for sharing! I just found your blog thru Tatertots & Jello, I love your "Macy's couch", and LOVE the silver dresser, I'm going to really think about taking it on!

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