I have a Rug Question :)

Well I ordered online an area rug and it arrived today but I think it is small, I’m almost sure it is small but I’m trying to convince my self that it is not, so I took a couple of pictures and I will show it to you guys…Please someone tells me it is a good size for my room  :)))))) I’m kidding I know well I think it is small ( still can’t decide  ) and that was a very good price cause it is hard to find a good price for yellow rugs.

So I need 2 favors well 3 favors from you since my husband doesn’t care and my family doesn’t live in the US so please I need your help:

1- Tell me if it is ok to have a small rug in a big room? it is 5 x8
2- If you can help me where I can find good prices for rugs online.
3- Which pictures have better colors from the below ones ( I want my pictures to start looking a bit professional and man this is not easy at all)



Thxxx in advance

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  1. I would say no the rug is not too small. It looks fine in your space. If you wanted all your furniture to be on it then I guess it would be too small, but I think it looks very nice in the room. As far as the picture coloring, it seems to go lightest to darkest. I like the first one but I also like that I can tell the true colors better in the 3rd one. If you want bright go with the first one. Hope that helped! Have a good evening,

    Rachel 🙂

  2. I think the rug looks great! Our rug in our living room fits the same, it can be kind of a pain to clean the floors around it, but it's my favorite look. And I personally like the first picture best, it's the sunniest and brightest – but then I know nothing about good photography and am trying my best too!!

    Leanne @ because (i think) i can

  3. ok, I'm no expert but I thought I could put my 2 cents… just because you asked for it 🙂
    First I thought that the rug was way too small.
    After looking again, I thought that it might look much better if you turned it "lengthwise"…
    Good luck!!!

  4. Oh! and regarding which picture looks the best, for me it's the first one! I find bright pictures more attractive 🙂
    Love your blog!!!

  5. I love the rug! You might place it a bit closer to the sofa on the right. I'm not sure how close it really is to either. The first picture is bright and colorful but the last one shows the detail of the rug better. Hope I'm not confusing you! 🙂

    You chose a beautiful color for your space…it all looks bright, happy and welcoming. Wish you lived closer!


  6. Only you know what shade of yellow the rug is. It ranges from deep yellow to mustard in the three pictures. I would go with the picture closest to the true color of the rug since that's the focus. Turn the rug and it will be fine. I love the room.

  7. I dont know about the rug but the third picture has the most natural look to it – you might want to try Picnik.com they have a free editing program that is super easy to use and made a whole lot of difference in my shots! Nice blog!

  8. I think it's a very beautiful rug, and I agree with the other commenters – try turning the rug the other way (lengthwise) and see how that looks. Did you ever look on overstock.com for rugs ? They have the best prices !

  9. Love the color and pattern of the rug..but I do think it's a wee bit small..front legs of the furniture pieces should at least be on the rug…suggestions include: overstock.com, homedecorators.com and rugsUSA.com

  10. I do think the rug is too small. I tend to want a rug to go under the front legs of all furniture in that seating arrangement, if at all possible. Most family rooms require 8×10 or at least 7×9. I agree, Overstock is a great source. I tend to look there first. I think the third photo is the best color quality. It is a challenge to get photos just right.

  11. The rug really shouldn't go past the furniture grouping, so if you turn the rug in the other direction it should work fine. I would also suggest adding an open legged glass cocktail table rather than the ottoman. The ottoman is visual heavy and the ottoman will keep the area open and be able to view your rug with the glass table. Love your Ikea couch with the nail heads, way to dress it it up!

  12. I'm following you so I can keep up with your rug hunt! I definitely LOVE the rug! Did you take a pic trying it going the other direction!?!?! Girl, your color scheme is totally ROCKING!!! And I like your pics too. I'm excited to be your newest follower!!! Happy rug shopping sweet bloggy friend! I'll keep my eyes open for you, too!!

    XO, Aimee

  13. hi, if after turning the rug as suggested by others you still think it is too small, try to find someone who may be able to add a border around it or layer it on top or a larger inexpensive rug in a contrasting colour, may look cool! good luck 😉

  14. First I like picture #2 and I don't think the rug is too small but the stool covers up alot of it (weighs it down) it might look better with a more "open" look (coffee table or what ever or recover it in a lighter fabric) Either way it is a great room

  15. I would layer it with some runners in front of the sofas on the narrow sides. Maybe some off-white shag ones that match the 'white' colors in the curtains. (Bathroom runners are readily available and shag ones look great! Great texture as well.)
    I like the look of it and have layered in the family room even though my rug fits fine.

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