I’m back to blogland , did you miss me?

Well after a long break, like really long this time almost 5 months, I’m back to blogland with a little surprise

Yup, we are pregnant and it wasn’t that easy for the past 5 months 🙂 It is my first pregnancy so I didn’t know that morning sickness is the worst, they should call it “all day sickness” :). But thanks God I’m feeling so much better now so that is why I’m back to blogging …For the past 5 months, I didn’t check my blog, I didn’t even read any of my favorite design blogs, the only thing I googled was: how to get rid of heartburn, severe pain in my chest, how to stop morning sickness 😀

So stay tuned I have a lot of posts coming soon and I’m hoping you will like them.I really miss you and miss your comment guys 🙂

0 thoughts on “I’m back to blogland , did you miss me?

  1. I wondered where you were! Congratulations on the baby ~ that's so exciting! I am very, very sorry about your being so sick. I spent most of the first 4 months in the hospital or going back every 48 hrs for IV's as I was so sick. It's all worth it ~ I promise! 🙂


  2. Congratulations to you! The first few months can be uncomfortable for some women. . .my daughter-in-law had a rough time, I remember. Sounds like your half-way to baby day; it will go quickly!

  3. Congrats – I just started following your blog so I look forward to your posts. FYI for future reference Ginger Pills worked wonders for my morning sickness. I'm 2 weeks away from my delivery date.

  4. Good morning!! I noticed you pinned a sink & backsplash, and stated you wanted to do that in your kitchen. Take it from someone who made the mistake of putting one of those round sinks and what a disaster it was!! Water flipped up the sink, and on to the front of our clothes every time we turned the water on! After 2 weeks of that, I had my husband remove the sink, and we had to purchase another sink that wasn't so Bowl like…………believe me, I am still hearing about the "Money we saved by doing the bath our self"

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    miss you

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