Orian Rug Perfection

Marble pattern is going on strong this season. It started last year but it is booming this season a lot. Marble mugs, marble plates, marble tray, marble EVERYTHING.

I wanted to have a statement piece of marble trend, and I can finally say, I found the most luxurious soft stylish rug with a marble pattern. Meet Cristalita by Orian Rugs  , isn’t she a beauty?

My Portland Cristalita has a muted blue tones in it so it matches my decor so perfectly. It is very soft and stain-resistant so I wasn’t afraid at all to use it for my dining room area.

I chose the largest size 8′ by 11′ and it is huge. You can click on here to check the available sizes, ladies this rug is almost sold out everywhere so hurry up and don’t think too long.

The color says muted blue so it almost looks like black and white, and you know me, I’m obsessed with black and white lately since you can add any pop of color and it will look great. Today I chose soft blue, and I’m sure I will keep on changing the pop of color and it will still look AMAZING

It is so plush and soft, it is literally woven to PERFECTION.

To shop my Orian rug click here.

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