Rose Gold Christmas Tree

My Christmas decor is finally done! Well I know I’ll be adding and switching a lot of things from now until Christmas but for now, I am really done lol.

Quick update: I just watched Renae’s stories and I saw her CEILING GARLAND do you hear me CEILING GARLAND why you do that to us, Renae?  I want one now :'(

I like non-traditional Christmas decor and I also wanted it to match my home color scheme. I chose soft pink hues for this year: Rose Gold, Blush Pink and of course Gold.

I had to DIY some of the rose gold ornaments since I couldn’t find what I wanted in stores. I will share the videos soon on my Instagram so make sure to follow me.

This year I bought this Pre-lit flocked tree, I will link it up at the end of the post. I wanted to wait for the sales after Christmas but I wasn’t patient. I searched high and low … well, I searched low and low 😉 and found this amazing tree.


I used to be clueless about Christmas tree decor, but after a million questions to The Queen of Christmas Renae, I became an expert 😉 if you don’t follow her account you are really missing out a lot.

To have a very beautiful and interesting tree you must start with the following.

First: Lights.

If your tree is not Pre-lit add lights, a  good rule is to add 100 lights for every foot and a half of tree.  ( 100 lights for every 45cm of tree)

Second: Ribbons, Ribbons, and more Ribbons.

Yes, this is very crucial and DO NOT SKIP this step.  Ribbons will make the tree look so full, and this step is so easy. Just pick different kinds of ribbons, and they must be wired edge ribbons so you can shape them and twist them the way you want. Attach them to the tree either with flower wires or by twisting the tree branches.

I chose 3 kinds of ribbons like you can see in the below picture.

Third: Big Ornaments.

I added to my 7.5 ft tree around 5 to 6 big ornaments and I spread them in a balanced way.

Fourth: Big Glittery Flowers.

I got as many flowers as I found. Most of the blush-pink or rose-gold flowers were almost sold out, so I bought different ones from different stores. I spread them here and there to have that full fluffy look.

Fifth: Small Ornaments and Picks.

Use your small ornaments to fill all the gaps that are left. As for picks just put them where you want to add more dimension to your tree.

Last step: Tree Topper.

I added more picks to my tree to give it extra height. I chose a non-traditional tree topper ” Peace on Earth”. I got this last year after Christmas on sale and I couldn’t find any better message or wish for this Christmas.

And voila.

Did you notice my tutu tree skirt? Well, this is my own skirt and I love how it matches my decor. I just linked a blush pink fur one check the end of my post.

On top the mantel I added a blush pink table runner ( I linked it at the end of the post), and layered some string lights and different height cone trees. The sequin rose gold trees are from 99cents stores!! What a great deal.=?

Best mirror reflection.



The tree is done. Next task is to decorate my son’s tree. Make sure to subscribe or follow me on my Instagram.

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