Sequin Makes Me Feel Better

I’m writing this at the end of a very rough week. My little one was and still sick, he is teething. Four stubborn molars knocked the poor guy down. Fever, fatigue, and vomiting. He is sick, I’m exhausted, the house is a mess and no time for mama. My husband and son went fishing in the morning along with some friends. We were scheduled to stay home after they returned, but felt like that will drive- me crazy.  I told myself that I need to go out to get myself out of this mood. So here are the details…

Threw on a sequin gold skirt that I had from years ago (Forever 21.) Yes I know, you may say sequin in the morning! Well if you wear sequin with a casual sweater it will be the perfect outfit for the day. So I put on an off-white sweater with tiered sleeve detail.  My favorite piece of this outfit is my very dear and precious vintage red coat ( This coat belonged to my mom and I love it way too much).  As for shoes, I chose my Burberry sneakers with the perfect hint of red.

After getting ready my mood changed automatically, kid you not. This is the magic of dressing up.  

The sunglasses are a total must since I didn’t sleep well for the past 5 days 😉

Did I mention that my sneakers are sequin too 🙂 

I really need to find a good hairdresser very soon, I really can’t stand my roots color 🙁



And finally, a huge smile after a long depressing week, let’s hope my little one gets better tomorrow.

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