My Tea Station

Everyone I know is addicted to coffee. They can’t function unless they have their morning coffee. Well, I hate coffee! I tried it with milk, creamer, and sugar but nothing made me hate it any less. On the bright side, I’m a tea addict. I drink it two and sometimes three times a day.

In my home country, we drink tea with any breakfast meal, and  I carried this tradition to the States. That’s why I wanted to have a tea station so I can have everything in my hand reach: mugs, sugar and of course tea bags.

I snapped these pictures before my afternoon tea time. If you’re using your phone, click on each picture to enlarge.

This is not a scene that I arranged for this shoot. This is how my tea station on a daily basis. Well, less the half eaten cake.

I love my SMEG toaster and kettle (disclaimer: this is not a paid advertisement, I’m not that famous yet lol.)  I chose pastel green for the toaster and pink for the electric kettle, and that makes me happy by only looking at them 🙂 That’s how I convinced my husband to buy them, as they say, “Happy Wife Happy Life :)”
I got the acrylic tier cake stand from Hobby Lobby, the gold inserts were ugly bronze color so I added some gold leaf to get my favorite gold tone.
First level is for mugs and tea bags. I found these cute small tea tins at Homegoods , the tea wasn’t that good but I didn’t care because I knew that I’m gonna use just the package and add my favorite brand inside these tins.
Second level is for the sugar bowl, spoons and my cute Mackenzie Childs teapot. I use this teapot on stove whenever I want to boil the tea leaves for like 15 minutes to have a dark tasty Lebanese tea.
As for the third level, I used it today for cupcakes. Other days I add sugar cookies or any homemade cookies and I wrap them individually in plastic food wrap to keep them fresh.
Did you notice my pretty polka dot Kate Spade pizza stone ? it was a gift from a dear friend, and I couldn’t be happier because I was searching for a tray to put under my tea kettle and this piece was more than perfect.
And now excuse me the water is ready and these cupcakes are waiting for me 🙂
By the way are you a coffee or a tea person?
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