– Filoli Tour and a Winner

Hello all. Before I announce the name of the winner of the $30 gift card from Fashion to Figure, I want to  share with you some picture of the Filoli Gardens in The Bay Area.

My friend was visiting from Lebanon so my husband gave me the idea of  showing her Filoli. Before I share with you my favorite pictures that I’ve taken during the trip, I want to give a brief introduction about these beautiful gardens.

Located 30 miles south of San Francisco, Filoli is an historic site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and one of the finest remaining country estates of the early 20th century. Whether enjoying its beauty or pursuing its educational opportunities, we invite you to explore this cherished community resource.” (Source: http://www.filoli.org/)

Here are the pictures. Oh, BTW the winners name is announced at the bottom. Well, I guess you have to scroll down all my photos :p



These pictures were not supposed to be posted on my blog , they were just for Facebook 🙂 but I couldn’t resist but share them with you




Can you see these beauties behind the cabinets glasses….I need them for my Turquoise dining room 🙁

Now I will announce the winner of $30 gift card from Fashion to Figure and the…. winner…is…

I’m a follower through GFC: Book Sake. 
I like the Wood Bangle with Studs and the Arrowhead Earrings.

Please email me so I can go through details with you…Thanks for those who entered this giveaway 


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0 thoughts on “– Filoli Tour and a Winner

  1. grand photos.
    is this another estate acquired by the state of Ca to satisfy taxes?? so cal has a number of gorgeous estates that were acquired the same way and you just have to wonder what the incentive to improve a property like these and then have the tax assessment take your home from you. I get a little bit sad when i wander thru these gorgeous homes, thinking about all the lovely things and landscaping someone had to walk away from.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I've been meaning to visit Filoli but keep forgetting to do it. Looks like a beautiful house, perhaps I can go this weekend.

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