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Hello friends… Before anything, I want to share with you that today I will have my first guest post. It is going to be on Stardust-decorstyle. I am ecstatic so come on over and drop a line or two 😉 While you are there please don’t forget to check out Olga’s great blog. Olga hails from Greece so she comes with many new original ideas.

So back to Model Homes, last Saturday, the hubby and I were bored so he asked me if I want to check out the new model homes by LENNAR Homes around the corner. Are you kidding me? Do I wanna see model homes? of course I want to. It is like discovering a great blog and hit the “Home Tour” link,  well I think it is vice versa , the blogs are like visiting  real homes 🙂 But you know what I mean right?

I will stop talking and show you the pictures, but I want to let you know that the pictures were taking using my Samsung cell phone camera , of course I can’t walk around with a DSLR camera 🙂

The first home:

On the right is the living room with cream sofa and orange love seat. The color palette as you can see is : Cream , dark brown and orange …like bright orange. even though I’m not a fan of orange but I really liked it, it made the home so cheery and welcoming.
 On the left the dining table and kitchen: I liked that the dining table is round so it can fit 6 people without wasting the space. Did I say how much I love those rattan chairs?
The kitchen with dark brown elegant cabinets was not my favorite. It has white subway tiles back splash which is cool, but I would have preferred if the cabinets went up to the ceiling, so you can make use of every inch in the space and it is always better than collecting dust 😉
As you go up the long and narrow stairs you will see the loft. I love everything in this room from the rattan coffee table, to the Chevron curtains and that antique style movie camera just wow.

To the left, the home office…Guess what I like the most, of course that vintage style vibrant orange color chair LOVE IT.


This should be the girl’s bedroom, notice always same colors through out the whole house but you can tell it is the girls bedroom by the 3 big metal flowers on the wall and  the flowers on the curtains ( this can be easily DIYed on any ready made curtains) .

Can be the boy’s bedroom… I love it…I know I am loving everything but this house has very positive energy. It is so colorful ,so Electric, and so Happy…this is the key word …HAPPY. I’m a color person so I cant live without colors.

And finally the Master Suite.


NNNNaaaaaaaa I didn’t like it hahhaha ( kidding). I love this chubby chair it is so comfy, I sat on it, you know I have to try it before I make such a big decision and buy the house 😉

I like how they painted the wall with two tones of orange and then framed it, this way the headboard looks  HUGE so the focal point in this room will be the bed ( this can be easily DIYed too). I like also that they used dressers as night stands they way you will have extra storage and who doesn’t like to have extra storage!!! not me

The master bathroom , I know I didn’t take a good picture here this is the only one that I got 🙂 So it was a his and her sinks and a big shower 🙂

So here is the tour for the first model home, I have two questions for you: What is your favorite room and why?assuming the money is not an issue would you buy a model home or would you design your own? Can you have one color palette through out your whole house?

Make sure you come back later to tour the second model home.

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0 thoughts on “– Model Homes Tour

  1. I think my favorite is the loft, I especially love those lamps! I could buy a model home if I like most of the design, to have everything already decorated for you, heck yeah! lol -Jessica

  2. i think i like the kitchen best, i really love the black cabinets. the orange in the rest of the house is a deal breaker for me, i am more of a cappucino, gray, you know the pottery barn line of paints from benjamin moore?? i like those(don't tell my dad he worked for sherwin williams for what seemed like 100 years) and if money was no object, believe it or not, i would build a tumbleweed tiny house with an inground pool and amazing stone raised gardens…oh darn forgot to buy my lotto ticket!!

  3. Wow! That was a lot of orange. I don't think I would ever have picked it, but they did a great job with it. I agree with you on the kitchen cabinets too. Less dusting is always my choice.:)

  4. I love walking through model homes and pretend I live there! I wish someone could decorate my house to look like a model home. We are in the process of getting our house ready for sale and it's quite stressful!

  5. My fave thing is the ThInk Cushion. I want one! And as for model homes… I don't know. I am reticent when it comes to new builds. I find the workmanship can be somewhat dodgy. I believe (at this point) I prefer old builds and renovate them. You can see how the bones of the house have lived for a while, and what you are likely to encounter.

  6. I pinned a couple of the pictures to Pinterest. I adore the THINK pillow in the boys room. (Is that my geek showing through?) I like the loft area, seems like a great place to curl up and read a book!

    – Jessica @ Book Sake

  7. Wow! I just love it. This features was great and how I love you dining table 🙂 It looks very luxurious and one of a kind. Those bed was so captivating and I am imagining myself lying in that gorgeous bed. Big thanks for sharing.

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