How to cozy up an outdoor space

Hello Hello, How are my beautiful ladies doing? Bay Area Hot weather is finally here, so we decided it’s time to freshen up our outdoor space. Walmart Home here we go YAY :))))

First things first. We starting with the seating area.

2- The Seating Area

As a rule of thumb, the seating area is the first thing to start with as other things revolve around where you spend most of your outdoor time. I got this seating set shown in the picture last year but here a similar one. I wanted to change things up this year and wanted the space to look like a 5 star resort. I couldn’t be happier when I saw these kids egg chairs on Walmart Home Online and I had to have them. Believe me…. they quickly transformed the space and can do that with yours.

2- Add Throws and Pillows

As you can see and know, I love pillows… lots and lots of pillows 🙂 I couldn’t decide which color to pick so I bought two sets: Yellow and Pink !!! I love the fact that these are outdoor pillow COVERS. That’s so smart Walmart. It is easy to change up my pillows without my husband complaining about no more storage space because of my throw pillows never ending collection :))) They come in set of 4 and the price is unbeatable. And since our Summer nights in the Bay area are cold, adding blankets is a must and it helps a lot to provide a cozy vibe.

3- Texture

The easiest way to achieve texture is by adding this black and white rug ( You know me love love love black and white striped EVERYTHING ) and the seagrass texture of these large baskets makes the overall look so cozy and resort like.

4- Flowers and Plants

Surround the area with flowers and greenery. Those potted plants look so real and zero maintenance, and they look so perfect with my DIY gold pots. Walmart offers a variety of them.

5- Tables

Bring an outdoor table into the space, I found this wood and iron plants stand that works great with my bamboo egg chairs.

6- Lights

Finally., add string lights, lantern and candles to set up the mood and you are done.

The list can go on and on especially that I got almost everything from Walmart and for the first time I didn’t go over my budget :))))

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